Baltimore, MD Seafood Restaurant

Cravin’ Crabs

Why would you buy hats from a shoemaker?
He may make some wonderful shoes, but you’re better off going with a hatter. The same holds true for seafood. When it comes to your shrimp and crab, get only the best by going direct to the source at Cravin’ Crabs, owned and operated by local watermen.

Get to know Cravin’ Crabs:

  • Menu – Steamed and live crabs, shrimp, mussels, clams, and more

“You can’t please everyone” used to be a good rule of thumb.
But even if you needed catering for all of Baltimore, you’d be safe betting your event on Cravin’ Crabs. There’s a reason your future caterer was voted as having the finest steamed crab and crab cakes in the Baltimore area.

Got a craving for crab? Come down to Cravin’ Crabs, located at 4609 Annapolis Road, and have a taste of the finest crabs in Baltimore. In a hurry? Avoid the wait by calling your order ahead of time at 410-636-2722.


Seafood Restaurant - Baltimore, MD - Cravin' Crabs
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